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Label Me Infinite has been co created with conscious and consciousness artists along with the synchronicity and direction of the universal flow. The rhymes are the voice of the people, the collective expression of their power, love, rights. The album features inspirations by Bob Marley, and a rap remix of John Lennons imagine. Each song represents one of the Chakras and includes a very high level healing encoded on each track. So you can enjoy these songs while receiving a full Chakra healing that will create an empowered life for you.


released March 22, 2014

Rise and Shine Edutainment, Spartan Productions,



all rights reserved


indigoprophet Toronto, Ontario

Tarek Bibi aka L.S.D. (Lovingly Spreading Divinity) is a Consciousness Rap Artist raising the vibration of the planet through healing and hip-hop music. His greatest influences include artists like Bob Marley, John Lennon and 2pac. His music plays like a soundtrack to our evolution. ... more

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Track Name: L.S.D. Ft HypGnostic and Niko - The Prophet
Chorus: (Niko)

Life is just fine
Its all in the mind
Create what you want
Speak your love song

Verse 1 (L.S.D.)

Im letting go
Going to a place ive never been before
Bringing back home
Love lift me up
Hold me tight
Send me your love
Let me bathe in your light
Guide me to open up my heart and shine bright
Star lit sky with a full moon light
The whole universe is inside of my mind
Channeling infinity
Kiss me
Remind me of true love
So simple yet you always blow my mind
Look for your everywhere but I cant find
Till I close my eyes
And connect inside
Love like no other
Not like my father
Not like my brother
Not like my mother
Not like mine
Your love is divine
And believe me im trying
Believe me im trying

Chorus: (Niko)

Life is just fine
Its all in the mind
Create what you want
Speak your love song

Verse 2: (L.S.D.)

So let e go
So here we go
Surrender to the moment
Going with the flow
I ask that all my thoughts be pure
I ask that all my pain be cured
Guide me to do all ive come here to do
Guide me to be all ive come here to be
Guide me to see all ive come here to see
Guide me to heal all im able to heal
To always remember
Awaken pretenders
Never surrender
Stay connected
Loves perfection
No need for corrections
Were in need of a blessing
Singing our way to a new existence
Remaining persistent
Co existing with everything
Were here
Right now
Love finds its way back somehow
Into our hearts and minds
Its truly divine
Lets enjoy the ride
And smile
Cause this is the best time to be alive

Chorus: (Niko)

Life is just fine
its all in the mind
create what you want
speak your love song

Verse 3: (HypGnostic)

I walk this path alone in the land of the blind.
Eyes wide shut, never know what I'll find. Never mind,
be kind, the unrest is a test.
Walking on a tight rope, never look down at the rest.
Don't stop movin, don't stop truthin.
This is your reality don't live by illusion.
We've started a movement - an ethereal blueprint,
so future generations can live like the ancients.
Civilization, our source-mind creation.
Don't like the frequency? Then change your fuckin station.
It's quite simple, we resonate a signal.
It permeates the world so be true, be nimble.
Decipher the code. The truth is a symbol
- the glyph of our heart-mind, our consciousness temple.
Open your eyes, decondition the mind.
Liberate your soul and consequently mankind

Chorus: (Niko)

Life is just fine
its all in the mind
create what you want
speak your love song
Track Name: L.S.D., Niko, Michael Moon - Imagine
All the People
Always Equal

Verse 1: (L.S.D.)

Imagine all the soldier dropped all their guns
Imagine every citizen started to rise up
Imagine every doctor refused to push drugs
Imagine all the gangsters refused to be thugs

Imagine every child was raised and shown love
Imagine all the prophets came back from above
Imagine guys didnt feel the need to act tough
Imagine that life didnt have to be so rough

Imagine connecting the dots unifying the the parts
Imagine no religion we just followed our own hearts
Imagine we were told the truth right from the start
Imagine love based music at the top of the charts

Imagine politicians worked for the people
A nation fo leaders no longer sheople
Imagine no more lies cause everyone was see through
Imagine your at war but decide to be peaceful

Chorus: (Michael Moon)

Imagine all the people living for today

Verse 2 : (L.S.D.)

Imagine at night we would traveled all the worlds
Imagine communicating without using words
Imagine solar gazing grass beneath our own feet
Imagine no starvation cause we dont need to eat

Imagine no jobs we only did what we loved
And when we feel down a stranger will give us a hug
Imagine money became a thing of the past
And if we tried to pay with it people will just laugh

Imagine we turned this place into what they call heaven
Imagine fear was something we laughed at
And being weird was not something that we laughed at
Imagine Every obstacle we moved past that

Newspapers were inspiring and heart felt
What we watched on tv made our heart melt
Imagine no more labels
Were perfect imperfections
And every one a savior
No one god up in heaven

Chorus: (Michael Moon)

Imagine all the people living life in peace
You may say im a dreamer
but im not the only one
I hope some day
you'll join us
and the world will live as one

Verse 3: (Niko)

Imagine everybody coming together
Singing the same song for as chance to make it better
Imagine emcees and singers around the globe
Flowing to one beat that everybody knows
Imagine the power if synchronized minds aligned spittin' ill rhymes designed to bend time.
Imagine we returned to the 432
Like our ancient ancestors devoted our lives to truth
Imagine LL, PAC, and Bruce Lee
Collaborating minds, through rhymes and techniques
Imagine the degree of power we would see
If Indigos could focus the gift of ADD
Imagine a solution
For the social pollution delivered through the music in every institution
There will be a revolution for the sake of evolution
FIT HOP is the movement!

Chorus: (Michael Moon)

Imagine all the people sharing all the world
You may say im a dreamer
but im not the only one
I hope some day
you'll join us
and the world will live as one
Track Name: L.S.D., Rebelations, Niko - The Wall
Verse 1: (L.S.D.)

Its a lyrical uprising
Situations arising
Economies downsizing
So little land there is no horizon
I can see her eyes through mine
Only when im blind
He chastised her for speaking the truth
Like when he baptized her
She was a little youth
In a sense she was innocent
Separated from sin
But since birth
Shes been cursed
Got hit were it hurts the worst
Like the evilness of gin
At first they were dispersed
Like the seeds of a poppy
No ones reimbursed for the theft of a country
The hatred contagious
The cruelty outrageous
Of an attempt to be harnessed
This is my last testament
I speak the words that make you feel weak
Like a president
I seek and make you leek the intelligence
An aesthetic
Only when im high on anesthetics
Im about to kill this track
Someone call the paramedics
Lift your fist and scream no justice
That's just how it is
Till we accomplish total bliss
I drop this bomb shit
Like a terrorist
Don't resist the arrest
Just rest and persist
Relax and kick back and watch your home blow to bits in the mist

Chorus: (Niko)

The hate the pain
Got me insane
I pray
One day
It ll go

Verse 2: (L.S.D.)

Im guilty by association
The alteration
Of our nation
Causing hesitation
Hate and debating
Whos faking and betraying
Man fuck your accusations
Sending delegations
With no mission statements
Just to try our patience
And mass immigration
Man i hope this is my last application
Proclamations on the stations claiming
Termination of terrorization
With my generalization
That your self hating liberation is worth debating
Human spirit is stronger then any medication
So castrate your patience
We liberate our nations
We plant seeds in times of peace
Like a plantation
No matter what your facing
Resist the temptation of abomination
Stay organised
And multiplied
Sooner or later youll see that only the strong survive
We blood related and we know you love to hate it
So stop debating
Every body stop the hating
Weve been patiently waiting for an investigation
But all we can do now is try meditation?
And wait for our time of reincarnation ?

Chorus: (Niko)

The hate the pain
Got me insane
I pray
One day
It ll go

Verse 3: (Rebelationz) in English, Spanish and Arabic

Raise your head up and fight for what you believe
Que quieres creer
Cuz mans been shedding blood since adam and eve
And don't care, we rep the world not a flag stitched onto our sleeves Que puedes tener, doble los rimas right there,
If our sign, were to be designed,
Make sure it represents freedom of expression, peace of mind, slogan Be "leave no soldier behind"
In this global conquest,yo soy the best,
Ya its rebelationz
And I just back at this,
Inspired by the beauty of the Divine and Anonymous hacktivists, Inspired by the pen that's been recording the truth
Since the advent of Mankinds youth
Ya 7abiby shoof,that's why I spit in this booth,
The world is corrupt and the beasts let loose,
Been angry at mistreatment since the lynching of blacks on a noose, Since the occupation
Of the Holy Land, hold my hand,
And let us unite for what we stand,
Ya salam, ya karim, ya rahman,
God bless those fighting the cyber war,
El maltratador, let the systems crash,
2olt ra7 titzabbit el hukooma ma3malt hash ,
Hacking them PCs,
Let the government heads tremble when they see me,
Give me some space ill count down from treis,
Imma count back from 3
And the war will have begun,
Soldiers march! 3 2 1,
Si, maquina de la muerte, dale no me suelte,
Chequea como se siente, somos el hambres del mundo,
Vive en la profundo de mi corazon
And ill keep fighting till this war is won,
Tus corazones-frio, el mundo-mio,
Tell the army vayan -conmigo, el Diablo contigo,
From Falasteen to Rio,
Dice tu primo, la nina, el nino,
Tu abuela y tu tio, mas o menos,
Menos y mas, bas hala2 2a3deen 3am nistana kol I'll nass
Yis7o w y7iso b a7saas,
Sar fil 3alim el hukooma dud en nas, bas el nas sa7yeen,
3am tit5abo bas an nas 3arfeen,
Min 3raaq syria la falasteen,
Rabana i7meena mun kol ill kafereen,
W lama a3id la7aalak, tala3 yameen w ishmalak,
W be blessed for what uve seen, dayman ra7 titla2y rabak al 3atheem Odaamak!

Chorus: (Niko)

The hate the pain
Got me insane
I pray
One day
It ll go
Track Name: Rhyme Therapy
Verse 1: (L.S.D.)

Im done feeling lesser then
Don't need an upper hand
Trying to be a better man
One slip , quick sand

Emotions resurface
Erupt with no purpose
Destruct this whole circus
Light attract curses

Im lying. feel like a phony a fraud
Cant receive i must take be in charge?
What happened to grace and open arms
What happened to lookin at my face with no scars

What happened to relaxing and enjoying the ride
What happened to its a beautiful time to be alive
What happened to the commander who had passion
I feel like half animal half savage

Grant me safe passage
To move passed it
To go through the darkness
Remaining passive

I feel like a fool
Rejection, an old wound
Thats been bruised blue
And brutally abused

VERSE 2: (L.S..D.)

Feed my passion
Express suppressed madness
Paint a canvas
Make art from pain N sadness

A belief that screams im better of alone
A feeling that screams i dont want to be alone

I just wanna feel at home
A child thats never grown
A family of my own
A tribe we stand strong

Write all my wrongs
A love that lasts long
Cant fly and hang on
Its time to stand tall

When your by my side i become a super man
When you leave me i feel like a stupid man
I torture myself, I know a bad habit
i dont plan this, it just kinda happens

I trusted you and you trusted me
I was there for you and you turned your back on me
I give so much and you dont give back to me
This game of trust feels like one big trap to me

Verse 3: (L.S..D)

Cant smile for one minute
Im done with this slick gimmick
Its time for new beginnings
Good bye and good riddance

Scream or stay quiet
Calm but start fires
Calm but start riots
Walls are barbed wire

Smile then start cryin
My mind is so tired
Truth will burn liars
Truth will start sirens

I try to start a fresh
But my past is dominant
Let it go
I dont want to be a part of it

For all my wrongs
I now pardon it
I am the infinite
Not just a part of it

I know I start heavy but end positive
You are the vibration that caused the shift

For love i find cannibals
Friends i find animals
Find me an angel
Thats perfectly compatible

Lesson is learnt
Dont put it out,
Let the fire burn
Now its our turn
Track Name: The Second Coming
The Second Coming

Verse 1: (L.S..D.)

Its return of the messiah
Its the return of our love
Its the return of the fire inside of us
the return of the one
the oneness inside of us all

The revolution is internal peace
God lives inside and outside of me
As below so above

Fear or love
love for freedom
Or give it all up

Embrace change or stay stuck
Make love or make fuck
Be real or make up
Live forgive or live to take buck

Angels and daemons
Aliens are scheming
Behind the scenes and
We stay dreaming

There is so much more
Left to explore
What is it all for
What is the purpose
For the love in your heart
And serve it
To the planet as a service
I stay determined and certain

Verse 2: (L.S.D.)

This is the last chapter
It has begun
I summon the power of the one
You bowing down to the sun
But your blinded
Punching your eye in
Think you see it all
But its only the half
Rising from the horizon
UFO orchestration
To unite our nations
Against another false enemy
This time
They think outside of the box
An invasion descending from skies up above
And even though its part of their plan
Its all part of the plan
Previously predicted by the religions of man
Before the Crucifixion
Using that to unite man
Under one world religion
The old world order of Babylon
Trickin us to worshiping of demigods
Awaken your love
Align with your heart
Every one play your part

Version 3: (L.S.D.)

Watchin eyes wide shut
With my insight up
With my third eye wide open
Got you chockin on your hocus pocus
Gotta stay focused
But sometimes
i feel inspired and hopeless

Leave behind those who seduce you
Confuse you
Jealousy and envy consumed you

Now you experience
All the fear you’ve been feeding us
Well still look down and be feeling love

Your plan
Immaculate precision
Last piece was missing
Devil wants you in his prison
So he tricked you into thinking
Hes the sole provider of light

But all his power and more
Exists inside of us all
Inside of our soul
That’s how the story goes
Lifes a game
Of snakes and ladders
Sometimes you rise
Sometimes you fall
Sometimes yo rise
Sometimes you fall

Verse 4: (L.S.D.)

Weve been receiving
So much love and support

Theyve been deceiving
They lie and distort

Star wars technology is not meant to protect us from an outside enemy
Its meant to reject and intercept any attempt of outside entities

Who help in our healing and
Seeing things from a higher perspective
In raising the vibration of the collective

In raising the consciousness
Is their objective

But all good truth has been distorted
To serve the devil and his fallen soldiers

And from this day forward
I choose to remove the weight of the world
Off my shoulders

I thought it was just me
I thought there was just one
But now know it’s a family
And collectively were done

Its been fun

And if tomorrow brings fear
I will be come the sun
This age old battle has finally been won
Track Name: L.S.D., Shylock, Niko - Soul Contract
Verse 1: (L.S.D.)

I know ive burried all my pain
And supressed all of my rage
Im crying in the rain
Feels like frying in the flames

I walk around smiling in this place
Dog throw me a fucking bone
Im dying in this cage

Emotions huricaine
And get trigger happy
You could call this sappy
Its a fucking sad beat

You could blame my family
For making me this angry
I want to break down and cry
But keep it inside
Keep tryna hide
But you could see
All these bloody tears in my eyes (echo)
No poker face
I mean what i say
The pain will go away
Its best to walk away
I know u will be ok

Verse 2: (Shylock)

It doesn't matter what I say,
now I'm confused and in a daze
And I can't navigate my way this time,
my mind's stuck in a haze
It's like I'm running through a maze in my mind everyday
What can I say? It's all the same, everybody feels pain
Everybody makes their way through relationships and hate
When love doesn't go your way and your heart was made to break Now am I less of a man just because I wanna cry?
Why don't I just slit my wrists? Think I'm not man enough to die?
Why don't you look me in the eye?
What, you think that you're not mine?
I've given you everything, don't you see what I've sacrificed?
I threw away my whole life just so we could be together
Now you wanna leave? Ha! You ain't leaving here fuckin ever!

Verse 3: (Niko)

We've tried so many time
We've spent so many lives
So whys it so hard to realize
There's just gonna be no compromise with you and I
Nothing has changed
The pains all the same
I have you everything my heart can give
And you threw it all away
It's like ping-pong
Every time I sing this song
Reminds me of the time everything I did was wrong
Or at least that's what you made me believe
Before you stabbed me in the heart and watch me fuckin bleed
I was a fiend to believe we were rising in love
Cuz now I see you deceived both of us all along

Verse 4: (L.S.D.)

Ok so we break up make up break up again
The cycle is primal and it never ends
My lover my rival you were my best friend
A feeling, so grateful, from the start till the end

I dont want the drama
I will cause you pain
Best to walk away
The is no better way

Im not able to keep up
I think its time we clean up
I feel something between us
Every time we meet up

Its time to move on
The signs were too strong
Feels right but feels wrong
Glad it lasted this long

It will be better then youve ever known
Better that we let it go
Better that we let it flow
Then we will forever grow
Track Name: L.S.D., Golden Chyld, Dtalks - Stand Up!
Verse 1: (L.S.D.)

Were born gifted children
With infinite potential
Conditioned then filters
Imprison the mental

We stay dementedt
Truth is rejected
School plays a part in
Keeping you invested

In books of lies
And wasted times
If it was up to me
That shit would be a crime

Lets take back our lives
One day at a time
Speaking of time
Were running out of it

Please speed up the process were bound to get

Help for ourselves
Then we help our kids

Lets raise our level of energy to infinity
Synchronistically find the key to unlock this mystery

Lets keep at it
Its not mathematics

Listen to your heart
The strongest force on this planet

Its divine purpose
While we stay blind in this circus
I urge this
Our first step is to follow our dreams

I swear to you its easy cause nothings what it seems

Clear your subconscious of limited bondage
Vision your mission until your thinking with precision

Chorus: (Golden Chyld)

You can fool some people sometimes
But you cant fool all The people all the time
Now we see the light
Stand up for your rights!

Verse 2: (L.S.D.)

Lets reach for the skies
And find
Some meaning to our lives
And i find

Something very wrong with this system
And how many of us get tossed into prisons
By laws theve insisted
Are there to keep up safe but keep us soft and submissive

Now your lost and convicted
Labeled a misfit
Dollar on your head cause jail is big business
Lets get realistic

How many people here never broken a law
That exactly what i thought
This police state can in no way
Imprison us all
If we each stood up for the cause

Wed send big brother
Crying running back to his mother

Now is the time
To stand up for what you believe to be true inside

What will you decide

But some of us till this day our in a state of denial
We cant see the connection
Between presidents terrorists and September 11th

Don't stop to question
Rat race move out my way
Im late and a slave to the pay and i job that i hate

Stuffed inside this subway overloaded with ads
Taught to be consumers in a collective trance
Its a bad romance
So the wake the fuck up
Face the music and dance

The best time of our lives is passin us by
Lets live this world with our bliss
And seal the old world wit a kiss
Good bye

Chorus: (Golden Chyld)

You can fool some people sometimes
But you cant fool all The people all the time
Now we see the light
Stand up for your rights!

Verse 3: (Dtalks)