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Eye for an eye is a powerful song from our upcoming EP titled not for sale dedicated to sharing both perspectives of palestinians and israelis.

A palestinian muslim an israeli jew and palestinian christian got together to make this track happen

We have infused into this audio powerful energies that will help create peace in that region and will expand the oneness consciousness on our planet every time you listen to it, starting with you and rippling to the rest of the planet! Listen to it you feel the energies. Now imagine people worldwide are listening to this regularly those ripples will create peace.

50% of profits will go to a charity that helps Palestinians and Syrian refugees. This is the link to the charity: www.map-uk.org

the rest will go to invest in the next songs for this album

thank you so much



enemies is what we were born-sworn presumed-to-be
but i'm the one living in a war-torn community
while you never miss a single opportunity
to kill us indiscriminately with impunity
and i'm left to be some kind of second rate refugee
got family in the west bank & gaza living separately
something is definitely underhanded
and i can't understand it let alone stand it
living in the largest prison on the planet
helplessly watching your borders expand and
just dreaming of freedom in this never-ending struggle
while medicine is smuggled through underground tunnels
gets rougher and tougher as suffer on a regular basis
come take a look at the faces
of desperate and terrified women & children
when a military bulldozer levels a building


take a step through the looking glass
there's something more than a strange reflection
take a step through the looking glass
and change your perception
as you step through the looking glass
take a good close look at yourself
cuz once you've stepped through the looking glass
you might discover that you're somebody else


i was born in israel, this is my country
it's my holy land you can't take that from me
you terrorize my people with your suicide bombs
throwing bombs & molotovs
we were chosen by G-d, before your islam
we survived the holocaust against all odds
we want to live in peace we want to be free
but live in constant fear cuz the enemy is near
i will not shed a tear til the terror disappears
i will join the army and fight for my country
so you cannot harm me, you can only scar me
i defend my family won't be a casualty
it's sad to see you shake hands with me
and casually pass on the peace treaty
you are needy and greedy, and we are not leaving
so excuse me for trying to stop my country from bleeding


imagine a vast landscape littered with abandoned weapons
as far as the eye can see in every direction
some leftover metal and, concrete resembling
a city that no one would be left to remember when
the descendants of brothers, born of the same father
but another mother, and so wouldn't bother
to show compassion or even rational thought
because revenge and hatred is all they were taught
so they fought and got caught in a cycle of war
repeating mistakes of generations before
divided by books, ideas, and prophets
the violence got worse and they couldn't stop it
and many cried out to protect the innocent
but their voices were drowned by the sounds of the ignorant
so the story just ends the same way it begins
revealed by the voice in the whispering winds.


released 08 November 2014
Beat Produced by Tuna Beats



all rights reserved


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L.S.D. Toronto, Ontario

Tarek Bibi aka L.S.D. (Lovingly Spreading Divinity) is a Consciousness Rap Artist raising the vibration of the planet through healing and hip-hop music. His greatest influences include artists like Bob Marley, John Lennon and 2pac. His music plays like a soundtrack to our evolution. ... more

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